Study Shows Direct Correlation between 5G Networks and “Coronavirus” Outbreaks

At last, the first study has emerged regarding the very clear relationship between “coronavirus” outbreaks and the presence of 5G networks.  Thanks to Claire Edwards for making this available in English



Study of the correlation between cases of coronavirus and the presence of 5G networks

Author: Bartomeu Payeras i Cifre1
Available at

Translated from the Spanish by Claire Edwards

Date: March-April 2020


The COVID-19 pandemic and its effects in early 2020 have surprised scientists and politicians. If any study aimed at understanding the phenomenon and which consequently may help to clarify the causes of the pandemic is carried out, it should be promoted and/or taken into consideration. The correlation between cases of coronavirus and the presence of 5G networks has been addressed in alternative media and social networks. It is noteworthy that, at least in Spain, the media have not covered the scientific studies on the subject of 5G, nor asked the government any questions about this in the daily press conferences that it conducts to report on the state of the situation. The team of scientists advising the Spanish government has also failed to raise this issue.
It is common sense that the ability to demonstrate this correlation would be very important data to contribute to the understanding of, and the solution to, the problem.


To assess whether a correlation exists between cases of coronavirus and the presence of 5G networks. Without entering for the moment into subsequent cause-effect approaches in the case of positive results. Given that there is a sufficiently large statistical sample, it is possible for the results obtained to have a high level of reliability.

Material and methods

The study has benefited from the official statistical material published daily, which is a basic and valuable tool. It should be noted that in these publications, the methodology used for counting cases of coronavirus infections does not generally provide real data. In Spain and many other countries, it has not been calculated as there are not enough tests for such analyses. However, this does not alter the results of this study since it is based on the comparative rather than the absolute method of infection. Therefore, in order to avoid statistical error, we will compare the density value of confirmed cases of coronavirus (expressed in number of cases per 1000 inhabitants) instead of absolute values. Since the criterion for counting used by the health authorities within the same state or city is the same, the comparison of published values for different cities or regions will be equally reliable for statistics. Comparisons between different countries of confirmed cases, excluding asymptomatic cases, will be equally reliable. The possible exception of some non-transparent country that could manipulate the publication of its data is beyond the control of this study.
The method used was to compare the incidence (no. of cases per 1000 inhabitants) between countries with and without 5G technology. Between regions of the same country with and without 5G technology. Between cities of the same state with and without 5G technology. Between different neighbourhoods of the same city with the 5G network map of that city. Comparing states with common borders with and without 5G technology. Comparing the case of one state within another, as is the case of San Marino.
– The data for each chart were taken on the same day. Graphic results and data published below:
    1. Chart of the 9 countries with the most infections worldwide.
    2. Chart and rates of infection of the 5 countries with the highest incidence in Europe.
    3. Chart and rates of infection of 4 nearby countries at the same latitude: Portugal,
      Spain, Italy, Greece.
    4. San Marino: comparison of rates of infection with Italy and Croatia.
    5. Italy: Incidence chart and 5G network.
    6. Spain: 5G coverage chart and rates of infection.
    7. Barcelona: Charts with 5G coverage and rates of infection.
    8. Madrid: 5G coverage charts and rates of infection.
    9. New York: coronavirus incidence chart and 5G network.
    10. “Border effect” between Mexico and the USA.
    11. Canada, USA and Mexico: chart of 5G networks and rates of infection.
    12. Africa: 5G network chart.
    13. Persian Gulf: 5G network and US military bases.
    14. Chart and rates of infection of China and neighbouring countries.










“Why San Marino? Because the self-contained nature of the state, and its relatively few restrictions on the use of radio frequency makes it the ideal place to test the latest development in telecoms connectivity.
“Telecom Italia intends to double the number of its mobile sites within the country and will additionally install a network of small cells in downtown San Marino.” an-marino-set-to-become-the- first-5g-country-72001910124





Data for cities with 5G should be related to the number of infections in those cities. Since data by city are not available, the comparison has been made with data for autonomous regions. This causes the data of the capitals to be diluted with those of their region.
This is why the comparison in autonomous regions with one or two provinces is more significant: Extremadura, Murcia, Madrid, Navarra, Rioja, Balearic Islands, Asturias or the Canary Islands. Also in Euskadi since the three capital cities have 5G.








The average for the 4 US states is 0.242, which is over 2,000% more than Mexico.
The average for the US is 0.814 or 7.000% more than Mexico.









Results and discussion

To know whether or not the result obtained is that of a random phenomenon, a statistical analysis of the results of an experiment must be carried to calculate the probability of the event occurring. The probability calculation is obtained by dividing the number of favourable cases by the number of possible cases. If the result shows that it is not a random phenomenon, it shows sufficient causal reason to analyse the causes.
To eliminate any upward errors we will always opt for the most conservative numerical option.
Let us therefore calculate the probability of three of the examples analysed above.
(a) Probability that the 9 most contagious countries on the planet are countries with 5G networks.
There are 194 countries on the planet. As of 6 March 2020, according to GSMA, there are 24 countries with 5G technology.
Pr = 24/194 x 23/193 x 22/192 (nine times in total) =  0.1237 x 0.1191 x 0.1145 x 0.1099 x 0.1052 x 0.1005 x 0.0957 x 0.0909 x 0.0860 = = 1.47 x 10 (high -9 ).

The probability is 1 in 680,000,000.

If we include Japan, which also has 5G and rates of infection similar to those of South Korea …the probability is 1 in 8,500,000,000.

(b)  Probability that the 5 most contagious countries in Europe have 5G networks.
There are 49 countries in Europe, among which it is currently difficult to know if they currently deploy 5G, as there are 5 that have declared a moratorium, and many others do not have operational networks although companies publish as if they were already operational when they have signed agreements. We will calculate it downwards, as a conservative option, we will assume that about 15 countries have operational 5G systems.
Pr = 15/49 x 14/48 x 13/47 x 12/46 x 11/45 = 0.00157.

The probability is 1 in 637.

(c) The case of San Marino is highly significant. It is located within the Italian territory, with a similar culture, economy, and social level, but presents much higher rates of infection. The only difference is the time of exposure of its citizens to 5G radiation, because it was the first state in the world to implement such technology on 4 September 2018, while in Italy it was 5 June 2019. This opens the door to debate about the likely influence of 5G on the increase in the rates of infection.
Pr = 1/194 x 1/194.

The probability is 1 in 37,636.

These figures are eloquent enough to make calculating the other cases unnecessary.
The results for the city of Barcelona (pp. 7-8) indicate that sociological factors do not have a significant influence on the rates of infection, but if we see a clear relationship with the 5G coverage map, which added to the 4G coverage, gives us a correlation between mobile coverage and the proportion of cases of coronavirus. If more data were available, this study should be extended to other cities.


1. The results obtained demonstrate a clear and close relationship between the rate of coronavirus infections and 5G antenna location.
2. This study does not analyse the beneficial or harmful effects on humans of 5G electromagnetic radiation. However, it does indicate a possible cause-effect in the current pandemic.
3. A “border effect” is significant, original and unique to this pandemic: it presents marked differences between contiguous states with and without 5G installation. it is particularly significant that the countries bordering China have very low rates of infection. One may also compare between Mexico and the USA or between Portugal and Spain, etc.
4. The case of San Marino is particularly significant. It was the first state in the world to install 5G and therefore, the state whose citizens have been exposed to 5G radiation the longest, and suspiciously, the first state in the world with infections. The probability of this happening is 1 in 37,636.
5. In the cities studied, Madrid, Barcelona and New York, this correlation is also observed. In the study of the city of Barcelona (pp. 7-8), it can be seen that the socio- economic factor plays a significant role.2
6. It is very significant that on the African continent, with scarce health resources but without 5G, the rate of infection is very low, except for some antennas in South Africa, which also presents the highest rates of infection in Africa.
7. The rates of infection are diluted. The rates of some regions are influenced by cities with 5G, but the rates of infection of these cities are diluted in those of the region to which they belong. So it is more significant, as is the case of Spain, to compare uniprovincial autonomous regions, than among those that are formed by 3 or more of the old provinces. Thus we see that some regions with 5G such as Rioja, Madrid and Navarra, have rates between 4 and 8 times higher than others without 5G. The same is true in other cities around the world where the 5G network does not cover the entire territory of the state or region.
8. These data and results have the value of being taken “in vivo”, not based on prospective or laboratory studies. Never before have we had so much epidemiological information about a disease in humans to be able to produce scientific studies. A means of answering the question of cause and effect would be to disconnect the 5G networks, at least as a preventive measure, and see the results of the evolution of cases of coronavirus. So would studying the rate of infection in a state that declared a 5G moratorium after the pandemic started and studying if the statistics change. Given the evidence presented here, the data and conclusions of this study urgently need to be given due consideration. Given the current gravity of the pandemic, the media and political and health authorities have a responsibility to take urgent action. A failure to act in the face of the findings of this study could be considered negligent at the very least and very possibly criminal.
Bartomeu Payeras i Cifre, 14 April 2020
2 Translator’s note: there is a contradiction between the last paragraph of the section entitled “Results and discussion” and paragraph 5 of the section entitled “Findings”. In one it is stated that “sociological factors do not have a significant influence on rates of infection”, and in the other it is stated that they do.

1 Bartomeu Payeras i Cifre is a biologist specialising in microbiology working at the University of Barcelona who has published several research papers. He worked on and researched smallpox bacteria and viruses at the Hubber pharmaceutical laboratories in Barcelona. He created and worked in the Department of Marine Microbiology at the Oceanographic Laboratory of Palma de Mallorca. Clinical analysis at Centre d’Analisis Clinicos in Palma. Genetic engineering: episodic exchange between Paracolobacter and Citrobacter C-3 with bacteriophage. Biogram, method for assessing vitamin B12 activity. Study of marine bacterial contamination in the Port of Maon. Professor of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry and Biology at IEM. Discoverer of the Dali code with which he encrypted his gifts in his paintings.

77 thoughts on “Study Shows Direct Correlation between 5G Networks and “Coronavirus” Outbreaks”

    1. Thanks Jim. You might want to write to the study author and tell him/her of the discrepancy you have found with Madrid.

    2. Devices designed to protect from 1-2-3-4-5G radiation employ negative ions that also are used in air cleaners to counter pollution and the two are not exclusive. See my discussion at under The Second Thing. The core issue is the generation of positive ions, that may actually an issue of positive free radicals or both. Too bad censorship interferes with study.

      1. Is that why birds fall dead when it’s switched on? There are plenty of videos to prove that, if it safe why has the industry not gone through the tests studies to obtain a Health & Safety certificate which at least here in the UK is a legal requirement in order to obtain insurance. Lloyd’s of London has refused to insure the the 5G industry. If the industry was at all concerned about the safety of the people and indeed all biological life there is one solution that will still give 5G all the capabilities, that is to wire it.

        1. My dear Norma – I think wiring would mean the frequencies cannot be pulsed. And if they can’t be pulsed, they can’t efficiently kill people.

          1. Of course signals can be pulsed through cables and optics.
            You are correct pulses are nasty, but its also the lower frequencies, the same as we use, that causes confusion at a cellular level.

        2. 5G is but one of the weapons of mass depopulation. The globalists will do whatever they can get away with to advance this agenda.

        3. From watching documentaries on frequency I learnt that birds, bees and such all navigate using the magnetic fields and that the EMF from mobile towers can intefere with their flight?? – this was pre 5g so with 5g being so many times stronger could this be why they are falling?

  1. Hi
    Very interesting study. By the way a tip for doing 5G research: Use the “Tools” feature in Google to filter articles from before the coronavirus outbreak. (Following a search, the toolbar will appear. Choose “Tools –> “Any Time” –> “Custom Range”. Then in the box that says “To” enter a date like 31st July 2019 and leave the “From” box blank). That way you will get “clean” articles about 5G rollouts from the time when the people didn’t know about the virus.

  2. I have noticed a rise in google searches for certain terms eyepain and insomnia in certain areas of the world.
    Here is an example of my findings
    Pretoria, Cape Town and Johannesburg showing results for ‘insomnia’ in Google Trends interest by Region. Durban not showing as many searches. Why?? IT could be that Durban has no 5G.
    Similar results in many other countries. I have put a few examples in a simple wordpress site.
    Not enough research has gone into 5G

  3. Did the first fleet of satellites get released in November last year and did shortly after the epidemic break out?

    1. First 60 STARLINK 5G blasters launched 23 May 2019
      2nd bunch of 60 launched 11 Nov 2019
      See the rest here

      There are 420 launched. Not known how many powered up / operational / blasting. Wired mag (IIRC) reported 42,000 were approved.
      Firstenberg recently noted a request approved by FCC for lower-altitude operation (presumably, they can’t launch enough quickly enough to poison everyone and therefore have to lower the altitude of those already up, to increase power density exposure, to create more disease/bodies in time for Jesuit Fauci’s “predicted” fall outbreak).

  4. All of this is fascinating. I work in a laboratory that runs the PCR tests. I of course put painstaking effort into trying not to handle the “contaminated” samples. When David mentioned that the Koch Postulates had not been performed, I was stunned. I wonder how we can further delineate who is most susceptible to the syndrome within the 5G hotspots.

    1. Rayko – it is important to understand that 5G is not the only problem. ALL technologically produced frequencies are hamrful and MANY THOUSANDS have already become ill with radiation sickness from 3G and 4G frequencies. With 5G, the speed with which illness can and will be induced is exponentially multiplied. With 3G and 4G, it might take 5, 10 or even 15 years of chronic exposure before people become ill. Most will not know what has made them sick and the medical establishment will not tell them the Truth about it either. No matter, it is radiation sickness that is taking people down and the symptoms of this alleged deadly “virus” are exactly the same symptoms as those of radiation sickness. Please read my article on this topic:

      1. I try to access your link above but it states”resource limit reached” are you able to check for errors in the url please? Or email me it.
        Stay safe!!!
        Thank you for posting this article AND allowing to share other links/resources!!!

        1. I need a new web host. The server with this host cannot hold the data. I need to get off this hosting service. The link is correct.

    2. This map is very outdated. There are already 5G in some cities in Brazil and there is a greater number of deaths in those cities. There is 5G in Ecuador and there are also a high number of deaths there. Forget those maps, search for the cities that are having the most deaths and check if they have 5G and find the companies that installed this technology.

  5. It will be interesting to see if my comment remains on the site or gets deleted. This article is an outstanding example of how to lie with statistics.

    Antarctica has no 5G masts and 0 cases of corona. So I am surprised that the author didn’t quote Antarctica as conclusive proof of this theory. Of course there is no coronavirus testing being done in Antartica so they could all be infected. If they were all infected it would be conclusive evidence that 5G does not cause Corona virus.

    All his numbers are based on reported cases. If you don’t test you don’t have a case. So most of Africa for example is not doing any testing so no cases. This is because they don’t have the money to fund testing or for that matter 5G. One exception is South Africa which also has a 5G network and is testing as it has one of the richest economies in Africa.

    Correlation is not the same as the cause. There are loads of things that would correlate with reported coronavirus cases. The number of staircases in a country, or petrol stations, or train stations, or garden centres. Salary is an excellent one. By the authors logic if we all gave up our salary and lived on 5 dollars a day we could have the same number of corona viruses as sub-saharan Africa.

    His logic is so flawed that you could just as easily use it to say that coronavirus testing leads to 5G masts.

    Stay safe and well. By social distancing from people not 5G masts!

  6. I do think that 5G could be a health issue for a few reasons and it’s strange that 5G and starlink are both rolling out during corona virus. I guess they are considered essential businesses. The main issue I see with a link between 5G corona virus as put forth here, is that the places where 5G is installed and active are also highly populated areas which would also lead to the spread of a virus.

  7. I think that there is a relationship between 5g and Covid 19, but that this is just the set up phase in a planned global misdirection to hide the likely millions of deaths that 5g will cause. If you read The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg (even the 17 page introduction will surface, available free on the internet) then you will understand that the Spanish flu in the early 1900s and the Hong Kong flu etc were not flu but were breathing conditions associated with increased electrification of the atmosphere. Those pushing 5g know this will happen again and so have created the pandemic as a fig leaf to hide the real cause. As the technology is rolled out the deaths will grow. Spanish flu killed 50 million people worldwide.

  8. Good material, however the TITLE the authors chose (Study of the correlation between cases of coronavirus and the presence of 5G networks) continues to promote the incorrect meme that “5G produces COvid-19”, which tends to divert attention and obscure the truth relative to what is really going on in the environment, which is:
    1. Normal presence of annual corona viruses (colds, flu, etc) in the population as a whole. 2. Presence of an excess of TB in coastal cities which are also ports of call, where a lot of non-US citizens embark 3. Presence on a limited scale of the lab-engineered/modified corona virus SARS COv-2, which is causing an issue with those with physiological pre-existing conditions. 4: 5G radiation, which is moving toward being ubiquitous, on the land and from space with Elon Musks WiFi/5G transmitter satellites, which will eventually amount to 12,000 transmitters focused on all life forms on Earth. This radiation produces an ARDS condition/effects similar to a viral pneumonia infection, producing initially an ‘altitude sickness’ hypoxia by disabling the hemoglobin oxygen-carrying ability of the blood, in addition to numerous other effects.
    The title should have been: “Study of the correlation between cases Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) and the presence of 5G networks”. Why, because 5G radiation does to that. On top of all this, the socio-political system is conducting a planetary wide psychological operation in order to consolidate objectives planned for a while, essentially falsely promoting #3, aiding and abetting psychosocial terrorism on the population, using rigged statistics, despite an increasing objection from many medical professionals and psychological analysis of the effect on the population of these tactics — constituting a totally unnecessary nightmare for everyone for political purposes …. yet again.
    A few links:
    [ 1 ] “Emergency room physician Dr.Cameron Kyle-Sidell makes clear is that ‘coronavirus’ patients [in areas where there is 5G radiation] are dying from oxygen deprivation, not a classic scenario of viral pneumonia, which is why ventilators are not working. It’s not that they can’t get oxygen – it’s that the ambient 5G causes problems with hemoglobin and people are dying from hypoxia. Ambient 5G causes the blood that’s circulating in your body to be unable to carry oxygen. What’s especially horrifying about the critical care of coronavirus patients is that they aren’t suffering from “viral pneumonia,” but rather from an inability to absorb or carry oxygen in the blood. This has been confirmed by NYC ICU emergency physician Cameron Kyle-Sidell, who has released several videos detailing how coronavirus is not a kind of viral pneumonia. “We’re treating the wrong disease,” he says. And the ventilators are damaging the lungs of patients.. […] ”
    [ 2 ] Ambient 5G Exposure Alters The Structure And Function Of Hemoglobin, Causing Death From Oxygen Deprivation . A LOT of information on the biological effects of 5G, which in the end is a biological weapon system that doubles as an ‘over the top’ telecommunications infrastructure.
    [ 3 ] OOKLA 5G Interactive Map Provides Locations of Communities Being Fried for ‘Faster Internet’
    [ 4 ] “Corona Crisis: Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi Explains Why The Measures Are Senseless And Self-Destructive”
    [ 5 ] ” Examine the maps below. They show the States where ‘COVID-19’ cases occur which correlates with where tuberculosis of the lungs is prevalent. Either of two conclusions can be made from these maps: 1) Either people living in these States have weak immunity and therefore are likely to develop ‘COVID-19’ coronavirus or tuberculosis, or both; and/or 2) The fact most cases of lung pathology occur along the southern border and New York City, where immigrants enter the country, typically with dormant or latent cases of TB. TB may be an uninvestigated co-morbidity that is causing many deaths attributed to ‘COVID-19’ coronavirus. […] In the next graphic (below) the top chart indicates mortality from pneumonia and influenza only for 2016-2020 with a dramatic up-spike (red line) in early 2020. The bottom chart displays data for total deaths from COVID-19 coronavirus in addition to pneumonia and influenza for Oct. 2015-April 2020 with a sharp increase in the third and fourth months of 2020 (red line). When both charts are compared, it is obvious that the reported increase in deaths is largely due to pneumonia or influenza, not COVID-19. The next chart compares deaths from COVID-19 coronavirus, deaths due to pneumonia and deaths due to influenza. By the 11th week of the 2020 pandemic (late March), COVID-19 deaths comprised just 0.1% (one tenth of one percent). This was because the CDC issued test kits that were contaminated with COVID-19 that were withdrawn, resulting in delays in estimating the infectiousness of this coronavirus, and hindered others from producing test kits while the FDA withheld imported tests over quality-control issues. This is how the COVID-19 coronavirus spread in what appears to be an orchestrated effort to let it get out of hand. […] Worldometer reports as of April 14, 2020, 75.3% of COVID-19 deaths were due to underlying conditions (5151 of 6839) in New York City. The seasonal onset of the disease is best explained as an onset of a viral disease due to a deficiency of sunshine vitamin D rather than an unexplained eruption of a coronavirus out of nowhere. It has not been proven that COVID-19 coronavirus is a cause of severe lung congestion. In fact, it may be a standby virus. To repeat, many people die with but not of coronavirus. No evidence has been presented so far that COVID-19 is causal in any deaths, or now, COVID-19. It is inexplicable to see such drastic measures taken for a virally-induced infection that is far less deadly than seasonal tuberculosis, a lung disease that largely affects foreign-born immigrants in the U.S.[…]”
    [ 6 ]
    [ 7 ] “60 More SpaceX Satellites Launched. Musk Promises to Reduce Brightness Due to Astronomers’ Complaints
    “[…] Despite expert warnings and opposition, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has approved tens of thousands of satellites, loons, and other space craft to be launched into the sky and space to blast WiFi and 5G back down at us (see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) […] The continued launches shows Musk is not letting the pandemic hamper his company’s plans of creating an internet broadband constellation in low orbit. The firm aims to have more than 1,000 satellites in orbit by the end of the year and has approval by the FCC to launch over 12,000 in total. […]”
    [ 8 ] 5G wireless: Space X Starlink Beta Starts In 6 Months

    There is so much more ….

  9. Correlation between 5G networks and Covid 19 outbreaks

    A Spanish study was published last week that showed a very high correlation between Covid 19 infections and the presence of 5G technology. Countries without 5G had a strikingly less incidence of Covid 19 that countries with 5G. While the study made no attempt to explain the pathophysiology of 5G, Dr. Len and Francesco do. Failure to act on these findings are not only negligent but criminal.

    1. Andrew – it’s very tricky since most of the shielding does not work with the higher millimeter frequencies. You can check out the following websites for ideas about how to shield your body and your home:

      But ultimately, I think we are going to need to step into some type of spiritual power that has been dormant in order to deal with this assault. I have spent ALOT of money on shielding but it never does protect me 100%. So the ultimate solution is something different.

      Also, it is imperative not to have any wireless devices in your house because the 5G small cells, with their 1024 antennas, will be looking for your devices to lock onto. Once they lock on, they will direct their beams right at you and your devices.

      Hope this helps.

      1. These devices do nothing to lower the levels of radiation people are being exposed to. I recommend strongly for people NOT to purchase such products. The give only a false sense of security.

  10. How 5G network activates COVID-19

    The spikes on the surface of the corona virus are proteins and the proteins consist of amino acids and water. What’s specific about corona is that the amino acids on the ends of the spikes contain the atoms of metal. These amino acids, ie. metal act like the antennas which can receive high frequency signals. When the signal of a particular frequency reaches a particular corona virus its spikes begin to vibrate and these vibration are spreading to the other end of the protein which is inside the ball causing that part to break off. Those broken chains of amino acids (they are also called peptides) now act in a way similar to hormones and they can activate the part of the corona RNA that usually is not active.

    That part of the RNA which is now activated is the gene that’s been added by genetic engineering to the natural RNA of the corona virus which normally exists in nature and which causes common cold. That newly activated gene causes the corona virus to become extremely aggressive and it can cause death in people with weakened immune system. That’s why this virus is so big 29K (the longest known RNA virus) because some genes have been added by genetic engineering. The frequency which activates this process is very high which means that the carrier wave has to be high frequency and that’s possible only with the 5G network. The ability of spreading the virus is inherited from the natural virus (which causes common cold) while the increased mortality can only be activated in the countries where 5G exists and that is why the mortality in some countries (such as Spain and Italy) has been higher than elsewhere.

    1. So are you saying you have seen this “virus” and analyzed it’s content? That’s very interesting, especially in light of the fact that many people say viruses do not even exist and not a single one has ever been isolated. Other people say viruses are created by our bodies when our cells become toxic. They release some type of solvent to help break down the toxins and make it easier for the body to get rid of the toxins and heal. You cannot “catch” or “spread” a virus because they are unique to own biology. The only way to get an alien virus in your body is through injection.

      What you are saying contradicts what well-educated virologists have noted. How can you claim viruses contain metal??? This sounds like absolute nonsense to me. Do you have proof of what you are claiming? Or any evidence at all?

  11. Thinking more about this and trying to wrap my head around the idea of it not being an actual transmissible “virus,” but I’m also trying to make the radiation sickness model fit with what we perceive has been a level of contagious “droplet” transmission. If we postulate that it’s radiation sickness, are some of us better “antenna” for EMF energy than others (heavy metals in our tissue through contamination etc.) and therefore being around us almost “lights up” others in the vicinity? We are testing people like crazy for positive exposure and some do test positive (some don’t of course, but they attribute that to careful cleanliness and self isolation etc.) Again, in my laboratory, the positive result for the genetic material (which we are postulating is the exosome material that the human body produces in response to the EMF stressor) does seem to correlate with some degree of illness particularly in older people. When people are testing positive for this material within the same physical vicinity, I’m wondering how we can explain that with the radiation sickness

    Another scary thought: since this “virus” is not a genocidal virus like David said, and he did say that he doesn’t doubt that such a genocidal plague like illness exists in one of these horrible labs- is it possible that this lockdown is MEANT to look like a bit of a hoax to most of us, so that when an actual virus is released that will kill us, we won’t lock down and expose ourselves willingly?

    1. I think alien viruses can only get into the body through injection, so don’t worry about them releasing some genocidal virus unless it’s through vaccines. Regarding why some people have gotten sick from radiation and other have not gotten sick (yet), I think it has to do with amount of exposure, combined with type of exposure (smart meters send alot of people over the edge into radiation sickness), combined with nervous system overload from past traumas, etc. I do think most everyone has symptoms of radiation sickness but they just don’t know what is making them feel ill. Check out my article about whether “coronavirus” is actually radiation sickenss – – and look at the chart with the symptoms of microwave illness. I think you will find most people have at least one or two symptoms.

      1. Interesting about the injection of alien virus. Yes, this *whatever-it-is-illness* is definitely not genocidal, thankfully!

        I just ran some analysis of my lab’s data. We have run 55 tests so far. 6 came back positive for SARS-CoV-2 (which David says is the genetic material that some people happen to have, and Dr. Kaufman says is actually exosome material). All 6 of those DID have symptoms. Three out of those 6 positives said they had been “exposed” to a positive case (which could also mean being in the same physical vicinity of a radiation spike or exposure)

        Out of the 49 negatives, 5 said they had been “exposed” to a recent positive. One of the negatives lives with one of the positives above.

        These are not big numbers to make judgements off of, but still very confusing. I did read your article about microwave illness. It’s still in my differential for possible cause of all of these respiratory symptoms that are not otherwise identified.

  12. Very interesting….

    My wife has started to struggle with breathing challenges, headaches, burning lungs, but no insomnia…

    We only have a 4G/4G+ router, but can sense the impact of wifi on our bodies.

    We stay in a suburb of Pretoria, very near to a large tower. Do not know what type of signal it sends out. In is a vodacom tower.

    You correlation is striking to see…


    I had a dream, in which the Spirit of God showed me the two things are connected with each other: the coronavirus and fear. In my dream I saw a man, who changed into a demon that breathed out towards me, sticking out its long tongue, a blue luminous light coming out of it. He had an accomplice with him who work with him. 2 Days later, I had to come back to South Africa, from Uganda, due to the national state of emergency, because of the coronavirus lockdown.

    Thank you…

    1. Hendrik – that is a powerful dream. Whoa! Regarding the tower by your house, please purchase an EMF meter. I recommend the Acousticom 2 because it’s easy to use and relatively inexpensive. This meter will give you a very clear indication of what is happening in your home from the tower and other sources of wireless radiation. It is good to switch from wifi to an ethernet connected computer. Also to change out your cordless telephones and get corded telephones instead. There’s so much people need to know about how to create a safe home environment, and with 5G it’s going to get really hard.

  13. Hello, the UK now has most deaths in the EU from CV19. The UK is already well ahead with 5G with many installations going in during January to April. Work still going on even in lockdown. . Any chance of providing detailed maps for the UK? The death count regions and cases are well publicised in the UK. Thanks. Good work!

    1. Any progress with this? Still no contact with Claire. I do think it is important as there are big regional differences in the UK, not just urban versus rural. The Lake District has more 5G than Cornwall and Devon and the Lake District has one of the highest infections. A correlation map would be useful ammunition in the battle to control 5G in the UK. Installation is proceeding still at pace. Thank you.

  14. Excellent article which further reinforces my opinion that the two are linked. It has been documented by Arthur Firstenberg that throughout history, whenever ANY form of EMF’s have been implemented, people fell ill. From electricity, all the way up to 5G. The virus is simply a mechanism in our bodies which is called to action to excrete radiation. Viruses are not live like bacteria and thus, cannot be passed on, like the ‘official’ narrative would have us believe.

  15. Something worth considering is that the SpaceX Starlink Satelites are (or soon could be) pumping 5G down to the Earth’s surface from space – the more Satelites they add, the stronger the signal and the larger the area of coverage.

    It wont really matter what the terestrial maps show as 5G coverage if the 42,000 5G satelites are all around the stratosphere. It will be hard to correlate 5G network with disease – since we wont know when and where the 5G signals are – presumable they will be a global network 24/7, beamed down onto the entire surface, regardless of the terrestrial 5G network “coverage”.

    When I look up at the sky at night, I can count over 100 satelites (seen by the naked-eye) in less than 30 minutes. They travel in a perfectly straight line. Before the “Covid-19” buzzword was being used evry day, I was seeing less than 10 satelites overhead in 30 minutes.

    It will be interesting use a monitor to see exactly how the magnetic frequencies change over this next year, with the continuing introduction of the 5G Starlink Constelation Network. I read that Elon Musk is expected to unveil “free high-speed internet for the entire planet” later this year.

  16. Active denial system agitates the water in your sweat glands to make you feel like your skin is n fire – this cannot be done with a spotlight – a microwave oven agitates the water molecules so
    fast that they heat up – people eat those damaged water molecules and the nutritional value of the food is diminished by about 90 per cent – 5g at 60ghz agitates oxygen molecules and absorbs them
    – we all use oxygen to power our bodies and 5g inhibits this causing
    hypoxemia- lack of oxygen , breathlessness – Also there are hundreds of papers that prove emfs are harmful to humans and with 6g on every corner with no testing done on it we are all lambs to the slaughter being experimented on by a government that pretends to care for our health.

    1. .As soon as I read “US MILITARY BASES IN THE MIDDLE EAST”” I Knew this is propaganda, communist play ground Media to create fight and and confusion.

  17. I’m not an Expert, but i’m pretty sure the “statistical Methods” in this study are garbage. Not in the “there are slight mistakes”, but more in the “even a retard could have done a better Job” kind of way.

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